Implanted Support Dentures

Many patients end up needing upper and lower dentures due to an overall lack of dental health. One of the biggest complaints is movement or instability, especially for the lower denture. New technology offers a solution to this problem. By placing several dental implants in the jaw and custom attachments in the existing denture, it makes it possible for a denture to snap into place providing a secure, sound restorative option for patients.

Conventional Dentures

Once the majority of teeth have been lost or decayed to the point where they are non-restorable, the best temporary restorative option is sometimes an upper or lower denture, or both. Dentures have the ability to restore your smile so it is aesthetically pleasing and functional.



A great option for restoring a few missing teeth at once is called a partial denture, which is a removable appliance. There are two types of partials, the first being the Metal Cast Partial Denture, in which the framework of the denture is made of a high quality metal and custom designed to lock on your existing teeth. The second type is the Acrylic Partial Denture, which is fabricated entirely of acrylic material and designed to snap into place.